Denis Johnson / Nobody Move / 2009

In the middle of fancy new churches, all glass and swooping curves, you’d see oil rigs with their heads going up and down. Gambol suddenly tosses his white hat, then seems to lose consciousness. A man in the movie theater grins and jerks as he follows the action. I know a vet in Madrona. Ruthless neon on the wet streets like busted candy. The Guess What Motel. He’d assumed all logs were fake. Luntz gambles 80 bucks and makes back 65. Anita says, I can do anything I want. The Time Out Lounge. Wind thudded into the car. Capra sits in a flat-back chair. “You want to sit down?” You are what we call a hefty blonde. Luntz’s hands shake when he tries to touch Anita’s bare shoulders with his fingers. You’re cute enough, but you got a sissy body. Luntz dries the sweat between Anita’s breasts with the corner of the bedsheet. He comes upstairs with burgers, fries, soft drinks and vodka. Gambol tells Mary he’s going to come in her face. Using his cane, Gambol breaks the reverse light of a parked Wonder Bread truck. Gambol blacks out the reflectors of his jogging shoes with Magic Marker. Gambol puts bandaids on each of his ten fingers. Ford with novelty death’s heads for locks. Dead wasps litter the threshold. Gambol drinks milk from the refrigerator. Luntz hits Sally with a spade. Anita thinks she sees fireflies coming from the shower head. The chalk person has no legs below the knees. Gambol uses Luntz’s shirt to wrap the shotgun. Anita breaks the judge’s colostomy bag on the judge.


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