Ridley Scott / Alien / 1979

A toy drinking bird drinks on a spaceship. There is a layer of blue mist over the eggs. They discover it was a warning call, not a distress call. The scientist does a little warm-up maneuver before radioing the exploring party. Ripley says to lock the doors. The computer is called MOTHER. Blue-eyed female crew member slaps Ripley’s face. The captain listens to classical music. The acid goes through several layers. The engineer chews gum while he works. They are all eating, when the afflicted crew member has his chest pains. They eject the body into space. They take stock of weapons. The scientist scowls at Ripley. The cat is named Jones. The other engineer meows for the cat, and the cat meows back. “Could he be alive?” “What?” says Ripley. “Could he be alive?” “No. Maybe…” The airlocks open and close in spirals. The crew talks with its captain using radio. There is not enough room in the shuttle for everyone to escape. Ripley takes charge. The woman with blue eyes panics. Ripley sees the scientist has a directive to preserve the alien even at the cost of the crew. She almost panics, but holds it together. Ripley has a bloody nose. The scientist attacks Ripley’s mouth with a rolled up magazine, and there are pornos in the background. The scientist’s head knocks back. He dies smiling and the toy drinking bird is in the background. Ripley puts her hair up. Ripley activates the self-destruct. She encounters crew members who remain alive. One says, “Kill me.” She flamethrowers them. She does not deactivate self-destruct in time. “MOTHER. You bitch.” Mother is the computer. Ripley puts the cat in a cryogenic freeze tank. She strips down to her underwear. Ticking of a clock, the alien is onboard. After ejecting the alien, and preparing to enter the freeze, she says to the cat, “C’mon cat.”


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