Gun Crazy / 1950 / dir. Joseph Lewis / star. Peggy Cummins and John Dall

Now it’s this next turn so take it easy. Here comes a car. Watch that. Here./ Thanks./ It’s a sharp turn. /I hope it’s not too crowded. Thanks./ I don’t think so but watch that rock. Mind the people, they just see us in these outfits./ Okay./ Okay okay go ahead. You’re right it is pretty crowded. I wonder if there’s gonna be a parking space. There’s a car just pulled out, we can get in there. I guess we’ll have to– yeah, yeah. Okay, right in here/ Fast as you can./ Don’t worry. I’m not going to be in there longer than I have to. Here goes nothing./ Oh. Get out. Go on. That’s right, stand right there. Okay. Hi// Well, that’s a nice get up. / I like it. / Good looking gun./ Thanks./It’s English, aint it?/ that’s right/ What show are you with/ [.. carnival], coming through in a few minutes. I got too far out in front./ You gonna play here?/ No./ Well it’s an easy town on shows. Three tickets would cover the whole police force./ That’s a pretty nice gun you’ve got too./ I’m sorry. I don’t let anybody handle it. I killed a man with it last year./ Did he have it coming to him?/ Yes, but it wasn’t much fun watching him […] he had an idea he’d get the first shot// Take off./ But I told you to stay in the car/[…] I will/That’s it […]/ Look behind us now will you. Is there anything in back of us? The pickup on this thing. / It’s alright. It’s alright./ You’re sure it’s alright?/Yeah it’s alright. Go on keep going./ Next time stay in the car./Listen./ And he won’t see you./ You’re telling me?/ I know what I’m doing. Look again. Did anyone make that turn behind us?/No./You’re sure?


One Comment on “Gun Crazy / 1950 / dir. Joseph Lewis / star. Peggy Cummins and John Dall”

  1. Andrea says:

    What a a strange scene! Clever the way they shot it through the window when she was talking to the cop.

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