Odd Man Out / dir. Carol Reed / 1947

Robert Newton in Odd Man Out, 1947.

When James Mason sees the glare as he stands on the banks’ steps, it is as if he is already disoriented and wounded, before he gets wounded. What causes this disorientation? Mason hallucinates he is in prison. When the hallucination wears off, the horror is that he is not in prison, and the cop is a young person. On the drink question: “Johnny wouldn’t be fit for it.” [Unfit to serve.] Tea vs. drink: “All they would give us is tea.” Sign: “NO JITTERBUGGING.” “Give him to me.” Who will inherit James Mason? Angel wings. The eyes are wrong, re Newton’s paintings. “He’s mad,” when Mason speaks. “Me shoelace busted,” like Mason in beginning. “What do you want with me? Go back to life.” [Homo sacer] Earlier, shot of Newton’s feet during bar fight. Bubbles/lenses/story–> scream. Earlier, disoriented. Had drank tea only and yet, glare/disoriented on way to job. [Was he poisoned?]


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