Henry V / dir. Laurence Olivier / 1944 / star. Olivier, feat. Robert Newton

Robert Newton as Ancient Pistol in Henry V (1944), dir. Laurence Olivier. [He is wearing the armor with symbol on it, similar to the armor discussed by the officer when they prepare to engage French troops at the battle of Agincourt.]

Model London transition to model Globe Theatre, flag up, flag up real size. Man doesn’t eat apple, does drink. The wooden O can cram within it all these people. “On your imaginary forces work.” Close-up. Drinking backstage–> leaves hat off. Undressed/dressed. Backstage/onstage. 12:38 Olivier monologue, centers/rousing/dramatic. Camera pans full back, now, clapping audience. It rains on them. Change scene to Southampton. Painted curtain->set->new stage. “It was the heat of wine that set him on.” Still be kind and eye out our performance with your mind. [Challenges audience to imagine.] Goes inside Boar’s Head to scene you could not see from audience. Army-> audience for Olivier. “Once more into the breech!” Booming voice. Cuts so that he could lead them and be surrounded by them. I’d give– pot of ale. 51:30 talking with Irishman, looking at camera. “What is my nation? What is my nation?” Drums of war/murder. Change score. Henry V looks to the countryside as troops walk past gate. Camera pans to countryside. Woman speaking French. Flowers. Hand, finer, nail, learning body in English. Key opens door. [Lesson in scene writing.] Shot with horses, impossible to tell if it is a set or not. “I have the best honor of the world.” Symbol on chest armor. Bear-bating conversation, describing English. Out of beef. 1:14 Newton vs. Olivier, no shot/reverse shot. Camera on Newton only. All the characters are wandering in the dark. [Filmed adaptations are interesting because the language is more or less set in stone, so we isolate the director’s choice of staying focused on Newton here.] [Olivier recognizing King’s performance when undercover.] 1:21 Monologue about arms and legs joining together to decry vs. King, anti-war. “Be friends, you English fools, be friends.” “We have worries enough with the French.” Fades out. Monologue but interior monologue while camera is steady on Olivier’s face. Long shot of face. Looks to horizon/set/sundown. English army. It’s like the scene at opening, dressing for the theatre. Huge difference between Henry V public and private. By the time we’re outside, and it doesn’t look like a stage, Henry V has changed his persona. Monologue, lowering knight onto his horse. Drinking mounted knights. Flag/flag cut [interchangeable]. Kisses the French princess, cut, suddenly everyone returns during the cut. Pulls curtain over their faces. New queen’s face: smile, then camera cuts, then serious.


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