Dr. Zhivago | dir. David Lean | 1965

Dr Zhivago Omar Sharif

Horses charge. Looking away/looking back. Throwing body in/recalling burial. Look at/look away, as Dr. Zhivago sees the illicit lovers. Look at camera, cut to gun after rape. She goes inside – do we hear the Doppler effect? Glasses down. See Lawrence of Arabia. “Get back in your ranks!” Looks like Colonel Blimp. Stitching clothes, stitching wounds, editing. Eyes from darkness, as she rejects him. Flash of color and light as the windows open. Overdub, “I lied,” – Nyet? Did his mouth move in Russian? Narrator cannot or does not represent himself speaking, in the flashbacks. Who is the intellectual on the train? He looks like Lean. Looking at the couple, happy in the worst of circumstances [Lean’s love life]. Train/doors – opening and closing, seeing war. Editing. Act 2, tunnel, explaining what son is seeing – war, “it’s a long way away.” Knife [cuts] gives him away. Rubs window in order to see out. Hand moves in lower left corner of screen, they’re in bed, flowers on the table. Glasses fall down the nose as father in law reads news that Czar is shot. Walking up in the snow – Tonya! Close up on face, circle isolates his face.


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