“Better Books Offers Brief Pointers to Current Films” | Robert Newton selections, Sight & Sound unindexed front matter | 1950-1955

Sight & Sound, March 1950.

Sight & Sound, March 1950.

Selections from British Film Institute publication, Sight & Sound. “Brief Pointers” series regarding Robert Newton’s films.

1950: Aug, 19:6. p. 226. Waterfront (G.F.D.). British melodrama with a Liverpool docks setting. Not good. (Robert Newton, Susan Shaw, Kathleen Harrison: director, Michael Anderson.)

1951: May, 20:1. p. 2. Tom Brown’s Schooldays (Renown). New screen version of famous novel. Bullying, sentiment, the reforms of Dr. Arnold, some boisterous schoolboy scenes, all quite competently if unadventurously done. (Robert Newton, John Howard Davies: director, Gordon Parry.)

1951: June, 20:2. p. 34. Soldiers Three (M.G.M.). Old-fashioned army frolic, based on Kipling. (Stewart Granger, Robert Newton, Walter Pidgeon, David Niven: director, Tay Garnett.)

1952: Oct/Dec, 22:2. Miserables, Les (Fox). Heavy and jaded version of Hugo’s interminably filmed novel. (Michael Rennie, Robert Newton, Debra Paget: director, Lewis Milestone.)

1953: Apr/June, 22:4. p. 0. Androcles and the Lion (R.K.O.). A minor Shaw comedy, over-dressed with extravagant lack of taste in a Pascal production, but partially redeemed by most of the acting and a respect for the text. (Victor Mature, Jean Simmons, Robert Newton, Maurice Evans: director, Chester Erskine.)

1954: Oct/Dec, 24:2. p. 0. Beachcomber, The (G.F.D.). The second screen adaptation of Somerset Maugham’s Vessel of Wrath proves a good deal less lively than the CHarles Laughton-Elsa Lanchester version. (Robert Newton, Glynis Johns, Paul ROgers: director, Muriel Box.).


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